“I started working with Tom Durack around eight years ago, figuring I’d give somebody else a shot - it’s always good to expand your horizons. What ended up happening is that he became the go-to for the lion’s share of my projects. I can always depend on Tom to take my work and give it the subtle nudge over the cliff that it needs - he respects the mix and doesn’t try to reinvent it, instead taking the personality inherent in the music to the next level. He’ll run with it until it’s right - a work ethic I know all too well, so we’re a good match! An all-around cool cat to boot, always a bonus when you’re in the trenches. I don’t always have a choice of who will master my work, but when I do I always throw Tom’s hat in the ring.”

- Mark Plati, mark-plati.com

"Tom Durack re-mastered my album 'Goodbye' - it was the first project I had realized on a DAW and the mix was therefore lacking transparency. Tom literally saved the record by delivering a much less cluttered sounding revision and adding a beautiful crispness to the high frequency range."

- Ulrich Schnauss, ulrich-schnauss.com

"Tom Durack's mastering is a perfect fit for my work because he does not try to impose his own aesthetic. Rather, he focuses your approach and makes it the best sounding version of what you intended."

- Patrick Dillett, patrickdillett.com

"When it comes to mastering, Tom has the golden touch. From subtle nuance to driving things up a notch or two. Whatever is needed, his instincts are on the money. I can always rely on him to deliver a master that shines."

- Jeff Thall, jeffthallnyc.com

"It was a great honor and pleasure to work with Tom on the mastering phase of our last record 'For House Cats and Sea Fans.' Tom truly engaged as a collaborator and an artist, gave honest and useful feedback and was always flexible and supportive. We were overjoyed with the results. Great ears, a great team player and an all around Great Dude -- Thanks Tom!"

- Oren Bloedow, Elysian Fields, elysianmusic.com

"I can't say enough about Tom Durack. The man, and his work. Besides being one heck of a nice guy, Tom is an extraordinarily talented recording, mix, AND mastering engineer with decades of experience in the 'real' music industry. He's an honest and seasoned professional, he's been in the trenches, and he knows exactly what it means to make a quality recording from downbeat to duplication. He has ears like a bat and his broad musical aesthetic enables him to relate to almost any musical style. Tom is my go-to mastering guy for everything I do. He always provides an objective and carefully considered approach to each project, and no matter how good I think my mixes are, he always makes them better. He's present, he listens to what the client has to say, and it seems that his only desire is to make sure that everyone involved in the project is happy with the final result. I'm a forever satisfied customer and a huge fan."

- Hal Winer, bicoastalmusic.com

"I have given my mixes to a number of good mastering engineers. None of them are more professional, cheerful and communicative than my good friend Tom. And Tom definitely has a good handle on the 'better' button, as I don't think I or my clients have ever asked for any revisions of his work!"

- Rich Lamb, Engineer/Producer/Pianist

"Tom became a virtual member of the band, applying the same level of care and precision to our project as we had. From our first emails to our most recent, Tom brought honesty, authenticity and integrity to his work and a smile to our collective face. Tom's name came to us as a recommendation, and we would not hesitate to pass his name on!"

- Mike Muscarella for Violet Mary, violetmary.com

"The Zurich Sessions are an ambitious project committed to the art of professional music recording. Each project brings together an impressive cast of highly acclaimed international musical talent such as members of the studio and touring bands of Paul Simon and Marc Sway. The output of the Zurich Sessions initiative are recordings that express the dynamics and emotions of a 'session style' production, living up to highest quality expectations in terms of involved talent, artistic value and sound quality. This unique production approach makes the work of involved recording, mixing and mastering engineers highly complex and demanding. The production budgets allow for the best talent in the music production industry to be cast for an individual project while the involved producers and composers have their saying in who they want to work with. Tom Durack has been the preferred choice of the Zurich Sessions production team and is the senior mastering engineer on record for the most recent work (the album release of 'Peter Baumgartner & Friends – The Zurich Sessions') and planned future projects. Tom's ability to apply his deep technical know-how in a way that is highly personalized to the character of an individual recording project has impressed the producers and artists of the Zurich Sessions alike."

- Peter Baumgartner: Artist & Producer, The Zurich Sessions, Daniel Schaub: Executive Producer, Thomas Fessler: Mixing Engineer, Stefan Keller: CEO, Bulldogfish Productions, zurichsessions.com, bulldogfishproductions.com